Why do I need a landscape design?

This is a common question for homeowners less familiar with what is involved in landscape construction. For some small projects, you may not need a plan. But when a project involves several landscape elements like a walkway, patio, garden, or changes in site topography, developing a well-considered plan is the critical first step. At its…

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Landscape Design in 3D

Stone Blossom Landscape design in 3D

One of the most challenging aspects of design communication is making the invisible visible. A landscape design on paper is something that does not yet exist but is based on existing data like actual elevations, square footage measurements, and the location of existing structures like a home, garage, or a tree. Even if you are…

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Considerations when choosing a material for your walkway

Stone Blossom Choose the Right Material for Your Walkway

Your walkway is most likely one of the most traveled paths on your property. Like an airport runway, walkways call out the boundaries that will get you from point A to point B. But unlike a runway, the walkways that take you from your front door to your driveway or from the back door to…

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3 Elements of a Great Patio

Stone Blossom Guide - 3 Elements to a Great Patio

Patios come in all shapes and sizes. Some patios are formal with straight lines and rectilinear attributes. Some are rounded with pavers that reinforce the circular pattern. While others mimic organic forms and may use natural stones with irregular edges. But regardless of aesthetic shape, all great patios share a few common elements that increase…

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