Fine Gardening Services
from Stone Blossom

“The whole Stone Blossom team transformed an eyesore of a back terrace space into a stunning grass and perennial garden... We couldn’t have been more delighted with the results.”

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Pender, Bedford, NH 

Example of a fine garden with a water fountain

Imagine a garden you never want to leave

We adhere to the philosophy of creating beautiful, tranquil, and lush gardens utilizing environmentally-friendly landscaping practices. Designing ecologically sustainable gardens is not only the right thing to do, but it also produces the most stunning results. With that philosophy in mind, we choose plants that are native or adapted to New Hampshire and have proven to thrive in our region’s unpredictable climate.

We can customize a planting plan tailored to your property’s unique needs—assessing the soil, sunlight and shade requirements, terrain and drainage. And because we are very particular about proper soil amendments and the plants we choose, the flora, fauna, and microbiota of your landscape will flourish.

Your perennial gardens will produce the fullest greenery and the most vibrant blooms that will continue to compliment your property for years to come.

Our fine gardening services allow you to just sit back and enjoy!

We customize our services to your needs with weekly, monthly, or seasonal visits to maximize the health and beauty of your property. Our fine gardening services include:

  • Garden plans and installation
  • Container and window box plantings
  • Vegetable, herb and kitchen gardens
  • Garden maintenance
  • Organic compost and fertilizer applications
  • Organic plant care—deadheading, hand weeding, edging
  • Seasonal plantings—Spring, Summer and Fall annual plantings and maintenance
  • Holiday and Christmas décor
  • Transplanting and pruning

We also offer special event design and plantings for weddings, family gatherings, and corporate parties.

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses  -   Hanna Rion

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