Front Entry Project With Stone Wall in Bedford New Hampshire

Front Entry Project With Stone Wall in Bedford New Hampshire

Bedford NH stone wall front entry

Project Brief

This landscape project in Bedford, New Hampshire addressed an awkward entry situation. The formal front entry was lacking a walkway and the entry most used by the homeowners, the side entry, could only be accessed by a dangerous set of stone stairs and failing paver walkway. The circumstances created  a dangerous situation for the family and guests, especially in the Winter months.

The project had to contend with complexities including an drastic elevation change over a short distance between the side entry and the driveway, a septic line cutting through the proposed work area, and overgrown foundation plantings that required transplanting to more suitable locations on the property.

Our Approach

Stone Blossom was originally contacted to engage in constructability assessments during the design process. In coordination with the homeowner’s friend, landscape designer Cynthia Boisvert, owner of Argo Land consultants, a design was proposed. The final solution included stone retaining walls and safer access to both front entries. Materials chosen for this project included a custom granite wall stone mix, granite steps, and select bluestone for the walkways.

A construction plan was then conceived to install this highly custom landscape that identified the proper sequence required to successfully stage a small work area. The complexities of the site, including several unknown elements, had to be addressed as well, including the depth of and location of the septic pipe. Existing materials were recycled or repurposed as much as possible. We even collected some of the extra stone from the old walls and put it aside for the next door neighbor.

The successful installation of the hardscape relied heavily on the depth of landscape construction experience of Beth Stavru, and the craftsmanship of the skilled Stone Blossom team. During construction new planting beds were created and existing beds amended to prepare the site for the installation of a custom planting plan.

The Result

The homeowner’s now have a safe connection between their driveway and the home that’s highlighted by custom stone work and beautiful plant material. The success of this project was in adding real value to the home by turning an unappealing, hazardous area into a new functional and aesthetically impressive entry.

Project note:

Producing landscape projects in Bedford New Hampshire requires an understanding of the materials that harmonize with the town. We choose materials such as local stone and granite, along with native and adapted plant material, to create landscapes that speak to historic precedent.

-Beth Stavru.


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