Landscape Design Services Create Better Function & Flow in Hollis New Hampshire

Hollis NH Landscape design with deck and patioLandscape design in Hollis NH with deck, stone walkway and plantings.

Landscape Design Services case study in Hollis New Hampshire



Project Brief

This Hollis, New Hampshire landscape was in need of a better plan. After the home had undergone extensive interior renovations, the homeowners contacted Stone Blossom Landscape & Design to create better aesthetics appeal, with improved functionality and flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Problem

Prior conditions in the landscape included eroding grade changes, slopes overgrown with plant material, established poison ivy, failing walkways & retaining walls, and struggling planting beds.

The back side of the home contained a set of sliding doors 7’ off the ground that had been rendered unusable after an old deck was removed. A run of concrete pavers and granite stairs that connected an upper landing to the lower yard had sunk and shifted due to an insufficient base. The granite steps were out of scale and the pavers did not match the design style of the home.

The walkway at the front of the house had a poor layout, and was in disrepair, and heaved with the roots of an overgrown crabtree. Lack of comfortable walkway access to the side door had the children making their own paths by cutting through adjacent planting beds. The formal entry was hidden by overgrown foundation plants that were encroaching on the house. The landscape was punctuated with randomly accumulated plant material due to the lack of a cohesive planting design scheme.

Our Approach

The project immediately entered our design process so we could consider viable solutions for a stronger interior/exterior connection. This process allowed us to think through features and possible layouts with the homeowners, as well as identify landscape materials for the entire project. A site assessment revealed that there were many complications to contend with including the septic tank and gas lines within the proposed area for development.

Design concepts were created to present different patio and deck layouts. Features such as fireplaces and natural stone fire pits were also explored as we worked with the homeowners to refine their needs and aesthetic preferences. The final design included a unique solution that we referred to as “the catwalk” to connect an elevated patio to a stone landing and patio that functioned as secondary gathering area. Existing wall stone was repurposed into the new retaining wall featured in the final plan.

When the hardscape elements were finalized, a complete planting plan was carefully designed to compliment and contrast the new spaces and landscape materials.

The project was then built by Stone Blossom’s experienced team of landscape professionals over the course of several weeks. Stone Blossom also acted as general contractor to coordinate several specialty trades during construction.

The Result

The property now functions in a way that is connective and graceful. The elements that make up this landscape come together in ways that are beautiful, unexpected, and perfectly suited to the needs of the family.

Through thoughtful design and the use of timeless materials such as granite, bluestone, and cedar, the landscape is finally on par with the level of craftsmanship and architectural style of this fine home.

Owner’s note:

A special thanks goes to the owners of this property for being such wonderful clients to work with. It was our great pleasure to be part of the story of your home renovations. We are happy to have delivered a landscape that your family can enjoy for years to come.

-Beth Stavru.

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