We are experienced landscape designers in
Bedford New Hampshire.

As a landscape designer in Bedford New Hampshire, we understand the needs of the Bedford homeowner. We have designed and built multiple landscapes in this beautiful town. We not only operate and maintain a large client base in Bedford, you could say we are intimately familiar with Bedford's historic landscape vernacular of stone and exceptional craftsmanship. We continue to contribute to the ongoing conversation with the local built environment through our landscape design, landscape construction, and fine gardening services.

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We design integrated and sustainable landscapes for our clients that incorporate time-honored, natural and local material combined with native plantings. We utilize a custom design process to deliver landscapes that meet functional as well as aesthetic needs.

 "In Bedford, well-considered outdoor spaces add value to your home, and quality of life, by extending your living spaces into the landscape."

If your property needs to be transformed through landscape design to fit the form and function of your lifestyle, contact us, and we can discuss the first step.