Stone Blossom is creating beautiful landscapes in Concord New Hampshire.

Many of our new clients from Concord learn about us by seeing our trucks in the area as we deliver landscape design and construction projects or our fine gardening services. Typically, we build or renovate a new landscape and then maintain it. 

Providing landscape design services in the area for as long as we have has given us the opportunity to make a real difference in the quality of properties in Concord.

We look to continue to create high quality landscapes for the Greater Concord area for years to come through our landscape design, landscape construction, and fine gardening services.

(Do you have a home in Concord that needs a landscape design? Contact us.)

We design integrated and sustainable landscapes for our clients that incorporate time-honored, natural and local material combined with native plantings. We utilize a custom design process to deliver landscapes that meet functional as well as aesthetic needs.

 "Landscaping in Concord, the capital of our state, has been central to our business. With a long personal history in the city, I am happy to be able to provide landscape design and construction services to homeowners in the Greater Concord region."

-Beth Stavru, Owner of Stone Blossom

If your property needs to be transformed through landscape design to fit the form and function of your lifestyle, contact us, and we can discuss the first step.